Vice-President (VP) Saulos Chilima has recapitulate sentiments that the current administration is marred by corruption and nepotism.

Chilima made the remarks Sunday at Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre, where he was launching his United Transformation Movement (UTM).

During the first launch of the movement last week Saturday, the VP attacked the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration, faulting it for fueling corrupt practices.

In his speech, Chilima alleged that corruption has taken root in parastatals.

“To be honest, there is too much corruption and nepotism in this country. We talked of generators at the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom). We switched them on, but whether they are on or not is another issue.

“We want those conducting investigations into the generators’ deal to do the work swiftly, especially [the issue of investigating] people from the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) and the State House. These people wanted to give the generators’ contract to the bidder who came fourth but the then Escom Chief Executive Officer— I have never seen a woman as strong as her— stood her ground and refused to sign the deal.

“They ended up transferring her to a small [parastatal],” he said.

Chilima further alleged that some government officials wanted to jeopardise the Mulanje-Likhubula Water Project, saying some people should be investigated.

“When they finish investigating Escom, they should investigate the Blantyre Water Board (BWB). We said water should be tapped from Mulanje Mountain to ease water problems in Blantyre. There are people at BWB that should be investigated in relation to this project. Some people from the Ministry of Finance and some board members of BWB wanted to change [some of the terms of] the contract so that they could benefit,” he said.

Chilima said the movement will participate in next year’s tripartite elections by fielding presidential, parliamentary and ward councillor candidates.

“UTM will be on the ballot and we will field all MPs [Members of Parliament], councillors and presidential candidate. We will pay nomination fees in advance for you to know that we are serious. However, a reminder, we should register so that we can be able to vote next year,” he said.

Speaking in an earlier interview, Information and Communications Technology Minister, Nicholas Dausi, accused Chilima of being a double-faced individual.

“You see, what is laughable is that Chilima is the Vice-President of this country— meaning he is second in command from the President [Peter Mutharika]. He is supposed to be an adviser to the President. He is supposed to correct things when they are going wrong and not take things to a political podium,” he said.

Last week, Chilima officially launched UTM at Masintha Ground in Lilongwe, a month after he announced that he would not challenge Mutharika at the DPP’s convention.

Later in the week, the government, through the OPC, wrote all principal secretaries and heads of departments, informing them that the Vice-President should be accorded security privileges of his office only when he is engaged in government business

However, the High Court in Blantyre restrained the government from withdrawing Chilima’s security personnel.

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