By Robert Kumwenda

Nico Holdings says that it has made a profit of 16 billion kwacha in the just ended 2017 financial year.

The remarks were made by Interim Chairman for the company, Gaffar Hassam at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday in Blantyre.

He said the past year has been a good year and the company has performed well in terms of profit from its shareholders.

“This is a good development for the company because the profit has increased from one billion in the previous year to 16 billion in 2017. The profit has come because we take care of our customers, not only that our people at Nico has got the different expertise in the areas of their professionals,” he said.

Gaffar also said their staff think of new ways on how the company can do better.

He further said that they will take the market share through innovations and introduce new products to their clients.

“In 2018 we still hoping for exciting things for the future and we will continue looking at the needs for our customers,” he said.


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