As Malawian’s are celebrating 54 years of independence, we are looking on what has been happened and what must be done in this country.

In an interview with one of the concerned citizen, Emmanuel Chiwaula expressed his views on many things which are not working here in Malawi up to date.

Firstly he started by saying God should bless our mother country Malawi. Since 1964 Malawi has experienced high un employment rate and most of them people who are not employed are youths. How can development of the country run without the youth hence creating a bad image on the youths

He continued to say” Due to modernity people now depend on electricity and this electricity is not supplied effectively to the people of this nation. How can we expect people to survive in the hospitals when they are on oxygen n there is load shading? We will register many death people because of that,

Lastly he said ” education systems are not working plus the infrastructure of the schools where our children are going is not safe, how can we say that we are progressing yet our classes are not good.

There are many things that i can explain but what i have explained is enough.
When he was asked on what must be done to this he “said God must interven, i wish every Malawian a wonderful independence celebration”

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