South Africa’s newly formed African Basic Movement Party has strongly denounce the presence of immigrants in their country saying, they take other peoples’ jobs.

Secretary for the party Thembelane Ngubane spoke this on privately owned radio station,702 midday report in South Africa.

picture illustrating immigrants

He expressed his party’s views, though there was a fight with the host.

When asked if his sentiments could lead into the xenophobic attacks.

Ngubane said his sentiments will do nothing with xenophobic attacks to foreign nationals.

“But we wrote a letter to the president that should get rid all foreign nationals to go back into their respective home countries.”

He says: “it is the responsibility of the government which brings them in, when you go to other countries like Zimbabwe and Mozambique you don’t go freely as we do.

This is because they are taking our peoples’ jobs. When foreign investors come in, they take all the jobs. There are Pakistanis and Chinese who also should follow suit.”

Mr. Ngubane said no South Africans in Pakistan and any other part of the world doing businesses rather than them invades our country.

“We wrote a letter to the president of this country because we need him to address the issue.”

Sentiments like these cause violent activities in South Africa in 2015 where 6 foreign nationals were killed and over 2000 displaced after a certain traditional leader called for removal of foreigners.


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