You see, in life there are  many ways how you can get money, with this young Malawian man Atsogo Scrafoc who happens to be a gospel artist chose to boot lick Prophet Bushiri a.k.a  Major One.

Major One is one of the richest Pastor and young business man based in South Africa. He happens to associate and partner with most famous Malawian Artists such as Armstrong, Gwamba and Mlaka Maliro just to mention a few.

It was a luck day for young Malawian boy who was given a chance to perform in presence of Major on in Pretoria (South Africa) at Gala dinner.

In his words this young man Scrafoc called Major One Dad, he said he was looking forward for an opportunity  just to say “i love you Dad, i love you so much with all my heart”.

When he was speaking at Gala dinner in front of Major, he bowed before him and started worshiping him and then this young Boot liker started performing where he managed to pull the crowd and dance to his melody. Bushiri could not resist, he stood up and make it rain hundreds of US dollars on this young boy. The floor was full of money all kind of currencies from dollars, rands and pounds.

You can watch full video of this young man boot-licking Bushiri’s riches Click here


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