By Robert Kumwenda

A concerned citizen by the name of Moses Genda has bemoaned the bad behavior which some people are doing by castigating other political leaders in this country.

This follows some insulting words which a certain person by the name of Agoloso has made to the Umodzi Party (UP) leader Professor John Chisi.

The said person is reported to have said that the UP leader has done nothing to this country but Genda dismissed his claims saying what Agoloso has done is an called for and should never be tolerated by any means.

“The fruits of what Professor John Chisi has done is seen on the ground by everyone, he is drilling boreholes, assisting the less privileged in various ways just to mention a few yet some people are beasy castigating him but they have nothing to show for what they have done or contributed to this country in terms of development,” he said.

Genda said what people like Agoloso should know is that leaders are chosen by God and he added that politics of castigation will not take us anywhere as a country.

“We are all Malawians and we are one if we do not love each other people from outside may take advantage to divide us, we should refrain from insulting each other,” he said.

People in this country they need development like roads, schools and jobs which UP is promoting, so people like Agoloso are empty vesicles who have nothing good to offer to Malawians, he said.

Commenting on the same UP Campaign Director Bamusi Chayima said the UP leader has the welfare of people at heart and this is being manifested in a number of development projects he is doing in different areas in this country.

He said Mlawians needs people who have good vision for this country to move forward not those who have nothing to offer rather than wasting their time to castigate other political leaders.

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