Sky lockers is an Entertainment company based In Luchenza. Earnest Kamwendo is the C.E.O of the company and David Samden  is the Director of the company.

It was founded 2012 and reaching this year it has marked 5 years of non stop entertainment to the people in the Municipal of Luchenza. It has helped its members to gain platforms outside Luchenza and it promotes talent by hosting shows.

Being the first free show in Luchenza, the show was great with great support from the fans who came to watch the football bonanza plus the music and dance performances.

The football was between Luchenza FC vs Kadzuwa FC and the winners got a prize of k20,000 and the second place got k10,000

“We didn’t publicize this event as we do to most of our shows because  we thought of cancelling it considering the challenges we had but we pressured on and yeah it happened with great love from people” Earnest Kamwendo said.

Despite being turned down by most companies which Sky Lockers team approached for sponsorship, the show was Lit ang great. they did not fall back but but that they had great support from fellow youths, among of them were Steve X-Cuber Nachuma a fellow Artist from Luchenza, Mr Horea one Of the Entrepreneur in Luchenza and the rest was covered by Sky Lockers Entertainment itself.

In his remarks,  Earnest Kamwendo said that the show has made him realise that most times they look for exposure in the industry mostly to established companies or established artist while they can build something big for themselves.

“I want that to grow in the hearts of artist and all talented youths in Luchenza to innovate and be productive they shouldn’t rely on well established platform’s for them to be known but fight hard to break the wall themselves” He added.

“The future plans for sky lockers In luchenza is to give a genuine platform for all talented youths in Luchenza to explore more on their capabilities that they don’t end here but be known elsewhere” David Samden said.

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