Police in Zambian capital of Lusaka have launched a man hunt for recently crowned Miss Universe – Zambia Melba Shakabozha after she stabbed a white lover and went away with undisclosed amount of money.

Melba and he sugar daddy

According to a report filed at the Lusaka Central Police, Melba stabbed Maji in his stomach twice before stealing the money.

The sugar daddy Maji lost multitude of blood and became unconscious.

He was discovered by one of the hotel waiters who reported to the manager until he was rushed to the hospital.

However, upon gaining conscious, Maji narrated his story to the police who have opened a docket against Melba – her mobile phone has so far gone off since morning.

The two were in a sexual relationship.

Melba was crowned as the winner of Miss Universe Zambia 2018 in August this year. She was on a holiday in Mauritius as one of her prize.

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