United Transformation Movement (UTM) leader Dr. Saulos Chilima has promised to empower the office of the Vice President in the country once voted into power in the forthcoming 2019 tripartite election scheduled for 21 May.

Chilima said this during a political rally held at Ntcheu Secondary School grounds.

In his speech, Chilima expressed shock over how Vice Presidents in the country are ill-treated, saying it’s uncalled for the President to treat a vice President as his ‘toy.’

“UTM once voted into power will amend the Constitution in a way that powers to the vice president should be increased. I do not want to my deputy to go through what I have gone through and what others before me have gone through,” said Chilima while attracting ululations from the people gathered at the rally.

He added: “Guests who come to Malawi do not stay at Ntunthama as they claim, so next year, that house will be for the next Vice President.”
Chilima also promised to reduce his convoy once voted into power.

“I will on the first day reduce the size of the presidential motorcade and review unnecessary closure of the roads when the presidential motorcade is passing.

“The current arrangement is more of glorification than security. We can’t afford such luxury when children are learning under tree and patients in hospitals are told to find their own transport because there are no ambulances,” Chilima said.

Chilima also promised to improve the lives of law enforcers in the country.

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