The student or schooling stage of life is very important. It is your youthful stage, and a time when you can either shape or destroy your life depending on the habits you adopt.

There are some habits a lot of youths have adopted either by association or learning, which aren’t good and can ruin one’s life if not stopped. Here are some of them…


There are a lot of young people who have confidence problem. They do not believe in themselves, and always see themselves as not good enough. The truth about not having confidence is that it somehow always reflects in your dealings, and attracts the same from people around you. If you lack confidence, no one will believe in you, and you’re most likely to be boxed into corners by more confident people. Self-belief is key to achieving and unlocking greatness.


Every human being should have a mind of their own. It is okay to consider other people’s opinions, but that doesn’t mean you should fall for them easily without careful thought, or even when they’re not healthy for you. Gullible people fail easily because they’re easily deceived. You must have a mind of your own if you intend to move forward in life.


Comparing yourself to others can be healthy in the sense that it can drive you to do better, but it can also be devastating and depressing. You cannot compare yourself to a fraudulent person driving a fancy car when you do a legitimate job. There’s no connection there. When you do that, you only cause yourself so much unnecessary worry. You must understand that everyone has their clock in life. Allow yours direct you.


The more you run from problems, the more they pile up, and wait for when you’re ready. The only problems you must avoid are only those you’re not obliged to do. Otherwise, learn to take challenges head on. If anything, that would make you stronger, and prepare you for the journey ahead.


Negativity breeds negativity. If you want to experience positive vibes, you can only keep those kind of people around you. Avoid naysayers. Avoid people who see no right in something good. Avoid people who don’t think like you. They are of no use to your cause, and would only end up bringing you down.


It’s not a bad habit to try to improve on your flaws, however, when you overdo it, it can overshadow your strengths which means you end up feeling more depressed than happy enough to pursue your strengths and channel them into something positive.


Curiosity they say kills the cat, but it can also save it. Curious people know and learn so much, which is vital to their success and progress in life. As you know, ‘Knowledge is power.’

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