Police in Mangochi are deeply saddened with the increase of cannabis sativa cases which are causing worrisome in as far as as the drug war is concerned.

According to Mangochi Deputy Police PRO, Sergeant Amina Tepani Daudi, police records reveal that in 2018 only, 20 people have been arrested for possessing illicit drug yet in the same timeline last year, only 8 were arrested.

“It has been also noted that others have started cultivating cannabis in the district, “said the deputy PRO.

The PRO states that in a bid to maintain sanity and secure the district from criminal activities, police have put in a number of initiatives to halt the situation.

“Among others police will conduct sensitization awareness in all corners of policing jurisdiction in order to enlighten the public on the illegality and dangers of cultivating, selling and using Indian hemp.

“The station has tightened security in all its roadblocks since investigations have revealed that most of the drug is being acquired from outside the district, “said Daudi.

The station has also strengthened its existing cordial relationship with members of the public for continued support in fight against crime in the district.

As one way of ensuring that safety and security is not compromised, police will additionally continue with sweeping exercises which has proved fruitful.


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