What do women really love in a man? This is one subject most men really struggle to find answers to.

Science has helped mankind with many discoveries like inventing a car, TV, microwave etc, so can science also give an answer to this question most men seek answers to?

Below are 6 things women love in a man according to science


So when it comes to the manhood, do women prefer a bigger width or longer length? Science seems to have an answer to this puzzle as according to research from the University of Texas, 90% of women claim a bigger width is better than a longer package. So can we agree with science on this?


While every man believes ladies love good-looking men, science doesn’t seem to agree with that school of thought. A University of Texas study believes women tend to go for guys with average looks and not very good-looking guys. The reason seems to be the attention the very good-looking guys seem to get. Think I can agree with this study after talking about this with a female friend who said her reason for going for an average looking guy is because there won’t be too much competition for him (which is important when she wants a serious relationship) compared to when she is with a very good-looking guy. Do all the ladies agree with her and the study?


A research from the Northumbria’s School of Life Sciences found that women love guys with exceptional dancing skills. I bet I can agree with this study as a friend of mine (back then as teens) used to have all the attention of ladies because he was a very good dancer. Usher Raymond, Chris Brown, P-Square and co all have one thing in common which is they are all good dancers and ladies seem to love them a lot. Time to learn how to dance fellas.


Science seems to believe women love men who smile less according to a study by researchers from the University of British Columbia. The study claims women prefer loud and proud alpha males or dark and brooding males. I smile a lot and I think the ladies love that about me or is science saying I would get better attention if I smile less? Should we agree with science on this too?


Science seems to believe women prefer guys who look like their dad. Wow. According to a University of St. Andrews survey which asked 400 women in relationships who had been raised by both parents about the hair and eye colour of their partner and their dad, women overwhelming had partners who looked like their dad. So is this bad news for me since I don’t seem to look my partner’s dad? Lol.


I kinda agree and disagree with this fact. According to a study by researchers from the University of Aberdeen, women seem to prefer guys with feminine features. Only the women can really confirm this but the study seems to prove more women prefer feminine features in men like narrower jaw and rounder eyes. Well my partner seems to love my masculine features, lol, that’s what’s important to me right now.

So what do you think about the science-backed things women love in a man.

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