A 26-year-old woman at Changoima under Senior Chief Chapananga in Chikwawa District has committed suicide after quarrelling with her husband.

Chikwawa Police Station public relations officer, Foster Benjamin has identified the deceased as Esther Banda of Mtseka Village in the area.

According to him, On Wednesday night, Esther accused her husband (Yosefe) that he was chasing other skirts around.

“The couple argued until they reached a compromise to resolve their squabbles before marriage counsellors the following day.

“So depressed was the wife that she contemplated killing herself while her husband was fast asleep. She slipped out unnoticed and hanged herself in a nearby tree,”said Benjamin.

The hubby, however, got suspicious and went out through the window since the wife had locked the door from outside.

The husband and other relatives searched and found the deceased hanging from a tree.

A visit by the police and medical personnel from Gaga Health Centre found that Esther Banda had died of suffocation.

The death of Banda comes barely a few days after a student at Makande Community Day Secondary School at Ngabu poisoned himself to death.

He was protesting against his parents’ decision not to send him to a boarding school.

Meanwhile, Police in the district are appealing to those who become depressed and disillusioned not to resort to suicide as an escape from their problems.

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