A 25-year-old man has been found hanging dead on Monday morning in the village of Manjanja, Traditional Authority Chanthunya in Balaka district.

Balaka police station publicist Constable Precious Makuta has identified the deceased as Madalo Muhekwe.

The father to the deceased, Mr Fillipo Muhekwe told the police that his son used to go for a drinking joint most of the times as one of his hobbies, and when he arrives home, he would always produce obscene words to everyone and this was the life style.

“As usual, during the evening of 16th September, 2018 at around 19:00hrs, the deceased arrived home from a drinking joint and was totally drunk.

“He argued to say that everybody in the village was just stupid. He kept on saying this, till around 19:00hrs when he disappeared,” the deceased’ father told the police.

He was later found dead during the morning of 17th September, 2018 by the villagers while hanging to a tree.

Police and medical personnel from Balaka district hospital visited the scene and took the body for a postmortem which revealed the death was due to suffocation.

Meanwhile, police in the district is appealing to the members of the general public to abstain from excessive beer drinking and the use of drug and substance that may disturb the reasoning and thinking capability of a person.


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