One frequent question guys ask after meeting a lady is “how do I know she likes me?” They don’t know if they had made an impression or not. They don’t know what signs to follow; they are at a loss on the next step to take. Ladies always give signs directly or indirectly; the problem is that guys are too focused on so many other things about her that they don’t even know some of these revealing signs. This is your lucky day brothers because after reading this piece, you would most definitely be at the top of your game. I wrote on 8 signs she’s toying with you and I promised to write on 8 signs she likes you as well, and as always i keep to my promise.

The dating game just became easier for you fellas, because below are 8 signs a lady likes you. Enjoy


If she starts introducing you to her friends, then you’re definitely a ‘charmer’. She wouldn’t do that if she doesn’t like you. If she thinks you’re cool, she would introduce you to her friends. We guys don’t know this, but it happens a lot; sometimes when we just meet a lady for the first time, we think it ends there, but no, she might be into you already and might have already told one or two of her friends of a guy she met. So let’s do some simple maths here; if she tells her friends about you, most definitely they would want to see you, not because they like you but the curiosity to know if what she’s saying about you is true. So guys, when she starts introducing you to friends, just know that you are heading to the ‘Promised Land’; that is if you know how to step up your game.


Most people don’t know this; what is applicable to guys is almost always applicable to ladies. Let me put this in simple English to you fellas; if you think a lady is ugly or you don’t like her, you are MOST DEFINITELY not going to hold her hands or show public display of affection to her anywhere where two or more people are gathered (come on, we all do this). Same thing with a lady, she’s MOST DEFINITELY not holding those hands in public if for any reason she thinks you’re one ugly, badly dressed, irritating, retarded, uncoordinated, idiotic guy (laughing). But it’s true, we all do that; public display of love passes a lot of signals; it just depends on how you take it up from there.


Now get this straight; no lady would spend a cent of her hard-earned money calling you for no reason. Those folks (ladies) are so money conscious you would think every one of them studied Economics (laughing); but it’s true. If she doesn’t like you, she would NEVER EVER call you (except she’s calling for a favour though). But if she only calls you when she needs a favour, run bro, except you want the title of ‘’the only guy she looks up to when she needs a favour’’. Except it’s a favour, just know this, ladies don’t call nobody for no reason. Sometimes, they might even refuse to call you even if they like you. If you get a call from her, you are definitely heading somewhere.


If mere getting a call from her could be such a hard task, how much more visiting you; if she hates you, she would never visit you. Visiting you is one thing but staying for long hours on a visit is another thing. If she comes and spends just few minutes in your place and leaves almost immediately then it doesn’t really count for anything. But when she stays for long periods, then it means she’s comfortable with you and when she’s comfortable with you, anything can happen from this stage. It just depends on how you handle it.


If she puts you to a test, then be happy. If a lady you like tests you, it only means one thing — she’s interested in you and wants to know if you feel same about her. Picture this; you become friends with a lady and on a very normal day, another female with a pretty voice calls you saying she thinks you’re cute and she likes you or she adds you up on a social network telling you she likes you; JUST LIKE THAT. Come on be smart, manna doesn’t fall from heaven anymore; I’m sure many guys out there can confirm that someone has called them saying such words and most times it ends up being a test. For a lady to play this prank on you, it means she’s just testing you to know if you are like every other player on the street. Tell me one thing gents; why would she want to know if you are a player if she has no thoughts of dating you?


I’m not sure if there is a surer sign than this. If a lady visits you on a regular, then she most definitely wants something. But you have to be smart to know why she’s visiting you; if you are a rich guy then be careful to know if she isn’t coming for the money. But just know this; if a lady wants to visit you more often, then she is actually ‘digging you’.


Hehe, I love this part; if a lady tries to go psychic by staring into your eyes then she’s into you. By staring into your eyes, she’s trying to know if she can read your mind and thoughts and know how you feel about her. Also when she’s up close and staring at you, it can also pass the message “please kiss me”. Like in the movie Hitch, when a lady wants you to kiss her she gives you the 70-30 space; where you have to make the move and complete the space by moving closer to her by 30%; this happens for real, it’s not just a movie thing. But one thing you ought to be sure of is when she stares into your eyes, then she actually wants something; either to know about you cos she likes you or she wants a kiss.


Even a bold lady can get shy when she’s with someone she has a crush on. But you really have to be sensitive to notice she’s shy around you, and you also have to be sure she’s not always the shy type. A normally shy lady would always be shy so that doesn’t count. But when a lady that’s normal or usually bold gets shy around you, be happy bro, you are just almost there.

Don’t take things for granted, each sign represents something and you have to be attentive to notice them. One other sure sign I didn’t add is giving; when a lady likes you, she gives wholeheartedly even without you asking. Most ladies are very sensitive to how they spend their money, so for her to be ready to give you stuffs, take you on dates; then you are almost there, it’s all left for you to act accordingly.

When you have noticed all these signs then it’s all up to you; how you act, how you react, how you treat her are really important. But most importantly is how you behave when with her; try not to be overly friendly cos you just might enter the much dreaded FRIEND ZONE. Note that there is a very thin line separating the friend zone status and her likeness for you. How you act after noticing all these signs will determine a lot in her changing her likeness for you to love or ‘he’s just my friend’ could be the other option.

Most times, we guys are scared of rejection and because of that we fail to tell someone we care about how exactly we feel about them and more often than not it lands us in the much dreaded friend zone which every guy hates.

We also forget that ladies are also smart and they know when we like them and they keep giving us those signs and wait for us to act; if you don’t then they get bored and tired of waiting and have no other choice but keep you as friends.

It’s all up to you fellas, act now and get that lady you love or sit still and watch another brother do so.

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