A shocking incident has left people baffled after they watched as a wallet turned into a deadly cobra in the hands of the thief as a result of black magic.

The incident happened in neighbouring Zambia on Monday when a thief stole a wallet from a famous football player.

According to Zambian observer, the 27-year-old thief identified as Amozey had snatched a wallet from the player, but shock and surprise took over people’s faces as the wallet turned to a cobra as he tried to open it.

An eye witness revealed that Amozey tracked the owner  who was about to board a taxi and confessed that he stole his wallet and wanted to return it.

“He stole a wallet from this player. When he snatched the wallet he went behind that billboard that’s when the wallet turned into a snake.

“Now he tracked the player but the problem is that he is denying his wallet, he even produced a pouch like wallet as proof to show that the snake wallet wasn’t his.

“The snake is not biting him but its stuck in his hands as he failed to throw it away.

“The police just came after a commotion but they ignored the case, I am not sure what he is thinking right now but if the owner denies the wallet they will have to visit a popular local witchdoctor to cast out the spell,” he said.

A police officer who was at the scene, revealed that they can’t do anything about it but have only called the Parks and Wildlife management department, Zambian observer reports.


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