By: Robert Kumwenda

Professor John Chisi president of the opposition Umodzi Party (UP) has said that political squabbles that are happening in some of the country’s major political parties may give his party an upper hand ahead of 2019 polls.

Though some political analyst recently urged some political leaders to stop politics of castigation as this may incite violence ahead of next year polls there has been no end in sight to politics of castigation among some political party gurus.

“Political party leaders should concentrate on issue based politics this is what Malawians want to hear so that they can make the right choice of political leaders that will rule this country come 2019,” he said.

The UP leader said as the country draw closer to elections next year the electorate will understand those political leaders that are fond of castigating or insulting each other have nothing to offer to Malawians and instead they will come to UP.

People need jobs, employment and justice and this is what the UP has been promoting all along, he said.

He added that other political parties have started copying the UP manifesto which is a clear indication that the UP is the only party that has a clear and good vision to end the social economic challenges Malawians are facing.

The party is to hold its second convention over the weekend to usher in new leaders that will lead the party ahead of next year’s elections but the position of the president of the party will go an opposed.

Some invited delegates all over the country have already started arriving in readiness for the indaba.

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