Kenyan governor, Okoth Obado, has been denied bail application which he made earlier this week for a suspected connection with the death of a pregnant university student, Sharon Otieno.

In an earlier article by FaceofMalawi, posted on 25th September, the governor pleaded not guilty before The High hearing for the charge of aiding and abetting the murder of the university student, who was 7 months expectant for his baby.

According to Kenyan online publication, Standard Digital, the governor remains on remand for extra 11 days after his plea for bail was quashed on Thursday.

The suspension of his bail request by Justice Jessie Lessit comes after the High Court’s demand for evidence to be provided by all involved parties in the case.

During this week’s Court hearing, his lawyer Cliff Ombetta stressed that his client will follow all orders by the court for the lawsuit, and made it clear that he [Obado] would not influence the case’s witnesses after the applied bail release.

However, considering the elite nature of the governor, Judge Lessit said Obado is likely to interfere with the witnesses of the case. Due to this, the lady Judge has ordered for the remand.

The suspected men, Obado and his assistants, Micheal Oyamo and Caspel Obiero will appear before the High Court on 8 October, 2018.



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