By Gifiti Succuzbucket Kaputulo

Dear Girls,

I think its better to just say ‘No’ when someone that you do not like asks you out than respond with that ‘Lets just be friends’ verbosity.

You see, making a move on a woman is hard work. It needs courage. Tremendous courage. Its risky. Its frightening. Ladies,being rejected sucks, you know.

You see, being rejected is painful. Pain. Pain and pain. Its a sign. A sign of being not good enough. A sign of deficiency. Deficiency in looks. Deficiency in character. Its a sign. A bad sign.

You see, when men muster all that courage and ask you out; be precise. If its a ‘Yes’, let it be. If its a ‘No”, break it down to that bloke asking you out without any anguish. Speak it out without mincing any words.

Do not feel bad when saying ‘No’. Its for the best. Best for you. Best for that romantic bloke too. He does not want to be friends. Actually, when we men ask you out; it means we want you to be more than friends to us. We wont settle for less.

I implore you. Better Give us that bitter pill than that sugar coated ‘lets be friends’ placebo.

Yours Sincerely,

Gifiti Succuzbucket Kaputulo

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