A lot of times, people complain about getting dumped by their significant other, but they never care to think about the reason why it happens.

As much as we know that sometimes relationships pack up because someone was being too childish and immature, the truth is most times, they pack up for another key reason.

If your partner dumps you, it is very likely you weren’t doing something right.

So what are some of those reasons responsible for people’s partners dumping them?


Honesty is a very important ingredient for a successful relationship. And that’s because unless your partner knows they understand and know you very well, there’s no way they’re going to be happy.

An unhappy partner equals an unhappy relationship, and that will likely spell the end of that relationship. You need to come clean about everything about you to your partner because it’s the only way to establish trust.


Naturally, it’s a very great possibility that you’re engaged in a job or a business, and you rarely have time for anything else, however, that doesn’t mean there can’t be time for you and your partner to share moments together.

It doesn’t matter how little, because sometimes, ‘little’ can go a long way. If your partner isn’t getting enough time from you, they can’t be happy.


A relationship ought to be fun and exciting. You have to feel happiness in just being with your man. If that is lacking, it’s easy for boredom to creep in, and things can pack up.

Do you go out on dates together? Do you surprise yourselves? Do you buy gifts, no matter how little?


Being possessive is the same as being clingy. Love is cool, and all, but it isn’t okay to be too clingy to your partner because that would somehow sell you off as ‘insecure’.

Apart from that, your partner can also feel untrusted and stifled by that kind of behaviour. And there’s only so much they can take.


People suffer a  change in mood now and then, but how much do you try to control yours and keep it in check, because by not doing so, you expose your relationship to issues and fights, which probably will get to a place where your partner can’t take it anymore, and decide to walk away.


As a lover, it is your responsibility to make your partner better. So you can criticise and correct them when they err, however, how you do it is very impossible.

You can’t criticise them like you’re doing it for fun, you’re supposed to talk to them from a place of love, and that’s really the only way to make an impact. Being overly critical of your partner can make them feel unloved and under-appreciated.


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