By Robert Kumwenda

After a long time of speculations that opposition Umodzi Party (UP) that wants to make a working coalition with the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) president of the party Professor John Chisi has finally come out in the open saying that he will make a coalition with DPP ahead of 2019 polls.

He disclosed this at the second party convention held under the theme ‘The change we need ‘which was held at Motel Paradise in Blantyre.

Chisi said this is because what the DPP government is doing is similar to the party policies because they are bringing in development to each and every corner of this country regardless of tribe and region.

“The DPP government is building technical colleges in every district, there is infrastructure development and roads across the country this is the vision of Umodzi Party and they are showing signs that they can perform at highest level,” he said.

The UP leader said they want to work with a bigger party that can help Malawians to move forward adding that politics is about development not finger pointing on each other.

“We love people who really have the vision of this country not crooks and we can associate with those who dehumanizing and are disrespectful to the leadership of this country,” he said.

He said that he will continue to his commitment and loyal to the party with tolerance and respect guided by the desire of the nation hood.

Chisi also accused some politicians are jealousy and greed and they just want to remove the current leadership from power but they do not have clear vision to move this country out of poverty.

“This must stop because the current government was given the mandate to rule this country for five years, let them finish their development projects rather than wasting time castigating them to disturb them to win political mileage as we go towards elections,” he said.

He added that it is wrong to accuse government that is corrupt because we are all corrupted saying that we are in the World to help each other.

Umodzi Party (UP) has become the first political party among the small political parties to hold a convention.

Present at the convention were top party officials from DPP, United Democratic Front (UDF) and opposition People’s Party (PP).

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