Umodzi Party (UP) President Professor John Chisi has warned Malawians to stop finger pointing when it comes to corruption in the country, saying this won’t help matters.

Chisi made the remarks on Saturday during the party convention held at Motel Paradise in the commercial capital Blantyre where he was endorsed as Presidential candidate for the party in the forthcoming 2019 tripartite election.

While conceding that all is not well in the country when it comes to corruption and other challenges, Chisi said finger pointing won’t help.

“You stand on the podium and say this government is corrupt while you are part of the system. Seriously will Malawians trust you?” said Chisi while indirectly attacking the country’s Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima who on several occasion has accused the DPP government of being corrupt.

Chisi also blamed the constitution of the land on the feud between Chilima and the President.

Turning to the event, Chisi hailed delegates at the convention for allowing him to remain President for party in the next five years.

He assured the delegates that he will do everything possible to make party stronger.

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