An Indian man who was angry at his friend for trying to date his mum took an extremely shocking step as he beheaded his friend and walked into a police station while carrying the severed head.

The brawl which turned into a gruesome nightmare, began at a festival in India which the two men identified as Giresh and Pashupati attended.

Eyewitnesses alleged that the horrific incident, which occurred at an “isolated spot” in Mandya city, India, was linked to Giresh’s romantic feelings towards the younger man’s mother.

It was further gathered that the murder ended a a three-year-long feud.

24-year-old Pashupati who chopped off 36-year-old Giresh’s head, reportedly drove 20km on his bike to Mandya city and walked into a police station with the severed head.

Pashupati who has been arrested on suspicion of murder, was spotted in a viral video walking through the streets with the bloody head.

Superintendent of Police Shivaprakash Devaraj, who confirmed his arrest said:

“We are investigating the incident, but the accused and the victim were good friends.

“It appears that the victim died in the morning, just before his head was brought to the station. “Pashupathi informed the police officials that Girish spoke ill of his mother, which triggered a fight between the two.”

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