Police in Dedza are keeping in custody a 19 year old boy, Miki Levison for allegedly breaking into a house of a married woman at night and raping her while her husband and twin kids were fast asleep beside her.

Dedza Police Deputy Public Relations Officer, Constable Cassim Manda confirmed the incident that happened on Tuesday night.

He said the victim 36 year old woman (name withheld) mistook Levison for her husband but was later surprised by the body weight of the man which did not resemble that of her husband.

“After realizing that the man is not her husband, she grabbed him and shouted for her husband who was sleeping beside her,” Manda explained.

He said the couple apprehended Levison and handed him over to Dedza police station.

According to Manda, Levison is expected to answer charges of rape which is contrary to section 132 of the penal code and burglary contravening section 309, subsection 2 of the penal code of which both attract a minimum sentence of life imprisonment.

The suspect Levison comes from Mulezo village in the area of Traditional Authority (TA) Kasumbu in the district

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