A 33-year-old man in Mbayani has been killed by an angry mob after he attempted to kill his ex-lover for breaking a promise to marry him.

Blantyre police deputy publicist sub inspector Dorrah Chathyoka has identified the deceased as Chikumbutso Banda who was killed on Sunday for attempting to murder Lonely Manda.

the deceased music producer

According to Chathyoka, the two were in a relationship that they even promised to marry each other but the parents of the woman were not in support of the plan and they advised their daughter to desist from that for their own reasons.

After some time, the woman swallowed her pride and accepted her parents’ decision not to marry her lover and she went ahead to break up with the deceased, a thing that did not please the deceased.

Following that, the deceased decided to commit suicide and also to kill his ex-lover, Lonely.

On Sunday, he went to Lonely’s house armed with a panga knife and also a toy gun. Upon arrival , he called his ex-lover lying that he had something important to discuss with her.

When Lonely came, the deceased started assaulting her with the panga knife until she screamed for help that saw a mob coming for her rescue.

The mob heavily assaulted the deceased before the police came to the scene and took the woman and him to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Due to loss of blood, Banda died while receiving treatment whereas the woman was admitted and she is still receiving treatment.

It has also been reported that the deceased had with him a letter in his pocket that stated that Lonely’s parents were responsible for his act.

As that is not enough, it is said the deceased who was a music producer had earlier done a song in which he sang about his plan to murder the woman and later commit suicide.

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