Mzuzu City will soon have a third hotel with 45 bed rooms under the auspices of Glitz Cloud 9 Suites.

The Hotel which is under construction is located in Mzuzu’s SOS Location will be called Glitz Cloud 9 and will have state of the art conference and board rooms.

According to the Owner of the Hotel, Barnet Phiri, the decision to build the constructing the K140 million Hotel was hatched after noting that there are only two hotels in Mzuzu City.

“When I was working at National Water Development Program in Lilongwe, I and my colleagues used to face accommodation problems whenever we visited Mzuzu because that time, there was only Mzuzu hotel.

Mzuzu Hotel could not manage to suffice to provide accommodation bookings due to high numbers of visitors willing to put up at the hotel. This inspired me to construct my hotel so that people should not have difficulties in finding accommodation in the city,” Phiri said.

He the construction project has already created employment opportunities and that once completed, the hotel would contribute towards the development of the tourism industry in Mzuzu and the country as a whole.

“All ourfood supplies will be sourced within Mzuzu and surrounding areas, thereby providing market to local farmers,” he said.

The Hotel which is being constructed by Kajahaf Build Contractors started in 2017 and is expected to be completed 2019.

Currently, there are only two Hotels namely; Mzuzu and Grand Palace which are all are located within Mzuzu City.

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