One of the most happiest days in almost every woman’s life is believed to be her wedding day.

Having to spend the rest of your life with the love of your life is enough reason to beam with joy on one’s wedding day.

However this is not the case of a bride whose sad looking photos surfaced online just recently.

The photos which were shared by an Ivorian online user, have since gone viral on social media for obvious reasons.

In the pictures going round the internet, the bride is seen looking rather sad and unhappy to be getting married. From the photos, it is clear that something is definitely wrong with the bride.

Most social media users however said the groom might be the cause of her forlorn look. Considering he isn’t exactly ‘Prince Charming’, and several issues shorter than his bride, this could be the reason for the unhappy bride in white.

Or do you think something else may be responsible for her moody look? Let’s hear from you

Below are the pictures

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