Former President of the Republic of Malawi who is also leader of Peoples Party, Dr. Joyce Banda has promised Malawians that she will stop electricity blackouts again once she regains power in May 2019.

Banda was speaking at a People’s Party rally held in Ntchisi district on Sunday.

“We’ll end the problem of electricity blackouts in this country once we get into government next year. I will not tell you what I cannot fulfill. I know where to get the resources to end the problem of electricity blackouts in this country”, said Banda who is popularly known as JB.

“If they question you in doubt about this, just tell them that she is ‘Namagetsi’” which literary means the Expert in dealing with electricity issues.

The former President promised the people of Ntchisi that her government will implement Rural Electrification Program (REP) as one way of discouraging people from cutting down trees to burn charcoal.

Banda then outlined seven areas of development which her government intends to pursue and fulfill if voted into power in next year’s general election. The sectors are; Environment and energy, Healthy, Agriculture, Mining, SME’s, Infrastructure development and Education

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