Police in Zambian city of Kitwe are holding an 18-year-old boy who was arrested last Friday for allegedly pretending to be a female at one of the night clubs.

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Copperbelt Police Commissioner, Charity Katanga said police were alerted by a man who had picked the suspect with a view of sleeping with her as he dressed like a female with makeup and a wig.

It is alleged that the suspect whose name has been withheld was patronizing one of the night clubs in Kitwe with a view of attracting a financially sound man while dressed like a woman.

However, the suspect had achieved the target after one man approached him for quick business which later turned otherwise.

Katanga said in shame, the man could however not disclose his identity but helped police to nab the 18-year-boy.

“Yes we have apprehended a boy aged 18 who was pretending as if he is a lady and wearing a dress, a wig, bra, artificial hips and lipstick to mislead patrons,” Katanga said.

She added that the said man had picked the boy but later realised it was not a woman before he raised alarm.

The suspect is currently in police custody

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