The campaign director of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Moses Kunkuyu has made a harsh attack on the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and UTM party, claiming they are in alliance to frustrate the MCP.

Speaking at a political rally at Chibavi on Sunday, Kunkuyu said the DPP intentionally allowed the vice president Saulos Chilima to form the UTM as an electoral alliance probably to take away the votes from the MCP.

“This was an intentional move by the DPP, these are clever politicians. They knew that MCP could have won the 2019 elections and had to introduce a new party.” said Kunkuyu

He, then said that MCP is geared up and would win the May 2019 elections.

But after the rally, Kunkuyu failed to give evidence to what he said.

“I will give the evidence at the right time but what is said is politically true.” he said

DPP spokesperson Nicholas Daudi said the remarks are just absured whilst UTM general Patricia Kaliati said MCP is sensing loss hence coming up with excuses.

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