AGRICOS’ mission of turning Malawian farmers to millionaires took a positive step in Blantyre at Malawi Sun Hotel where the campaign of training horticultural farming aspirants began.

The one day training took place at Malawi Sun Hotel on 11th November, 2018 where almost 70 participants took part in the training to grasp the horticultural farming knowledge brought along by the organisers from the consultancy firm.

The firm’s main goal is to equip farmers with skills in production and marketing of Watermelons and Capsicum (Green, Yellow and Red Pepper).

The Blantyre training was spiced up by Dr Ibaad Hasham, a horticultural expert all the way from India, who amazed the participants with his fascinating presentation and his ability to tackle what were supposed to be million dollar questions.

Dr Ibaad Hasham posing with participant after BT training

In his presentation, Dr Ibaad demonstrated to farmers how they can make a whooping MK15, 000 000 and MK3, 000 000 through Watermelon and Capsicum production.

At the event, one of the most successful beneficiaries of the horticultural mentorship offered by AGRICOS, Justin Kaliwo, is now a member of the organisation and also took part in the presentations and witnessed how the organisation has transformed his horticulture farming.

“My farms have transformed tremendously under the management of AGRICOS to a point that now I have added production of Red Cabbage and Red Onion  on top of Watermelons and Capsicum. I’m one of the few suppliers of Red Cabbage in most Super Markets in Malawi and I tell you it is a thriving business. Through AGRICOS, I have also found international markets in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia,” he explained.

Participant posing a question

The Blantyre training attracted small and large scale farmers as well as other aspirants. Most of them described the training as quite useful and the best of its kind.

Each of the participants went home with a free Drip Irrigation Design, Free Farm Management Consultation and free hard copy training manuals, while 25 people who first to register for the training, were topped with packets of free start up seeds for either watermelon or Capsicum.

The firm’s Business Developing Manager, Dickson Kilowe says farmers in Central and Northern Regions should expect more fireworks when their turn comes.

“Now that Blantyre is done, next is Lilongwe on 25th November, 2018 at Simama Hotel while Gland Palace Hotel will host the Mzuzu function on 9th December, 2018, starting from 9 am at both venues,” he clarified.

A sample of red cabbage under Agricos mentorship

Each participant is supposed to pay a none refundable registration fee of MK30, 000 and enjoy the rest of the compensatory benefits that follow, since the fee also qualifies a participant to becoming a bona fide member of AGRICOS like Kaliwo.

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