An old video of a pastor in Canada who walked out on a couple at the alter has resurfaced, soliciting a debate among social media users.

In the video, the couple can be seen at the altar, listening to an upset pastor who says he will not marry the couple because he seemingly does not have Canadian papers.

“Does he have papers in Canada?” the pastor asks the bride, who doesn’t respond.

“Answer me,” he adds.

He continues to tell the congregation that he will not marry the couple as their marriage is a “marriage of immigration”.

The pastor kisses the young bride and walks away as he tells the congregation the groom has no papers.

“I’m not going to push my boundaries and marry them knowing he has no papers. No!” he says as he walks out.

Watch the video below posted on YouTube by Jamaican Sensation:

The pastor’s actions have divided social media users, with some saying he did right by not being implicit in a scam, while others say he could have refused to marry them before the wedding.

Maanda Mandice Mj wrote: “I’m not saying the pastor is right but people do these things and as a man of God, he can’t condone or be part of such a scam,”

While Thokozile Masiane said: “But what happened to pre-marital counselling? Akere he could’ve asked those questions at their sessions instead of embarrassing them like that?”

Nawahl Razak said: “Why would they go through all that effort for just a marriage of immigration lol? Bridesmaids and everything. This pastor arrived yesterday to Canada, now he wants to begrudge another black person the benefit. Seems this thing of black people begrudging their fellow black people prosperity is universal.”

The rest asked why he kissed the bride.


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