By Bright J. Chidzumeni

I’d like to understand how that most individuals claim that God elects certain individuals into power when God wasn’t involved at all in casting a ballot. It is true that God can appoint a leader suitable for a nation/constituency but it’s not always the case that such a leader is chosen by God.

Drawing conclusions after votes have been counted that whoever won is the one God chose is emphatically a blatant lie and void of simple reasoning. He might be or not, there’s no direct guess-way knowing about it. Every “people” gets a leader they deserve. Whether that leader was voted into power or followed through influence. If at all the votes aren’t rigged then that leader is a reflection of the people who ascribe to his agendas, aspirations, ideas and principles. Leadership of every nation/constituency reflects the character of the majority in it.

Power is to us to choose a leader suitable for ourselves. The problem is that many are unaware of qualities to look for when choosing a political leader. I have you 5 checks you could use.

Nobody becomes a leader simply because they have attained a position. A leader is known by their ability to bring positive change regardless of where they find themselves. So if they have a position but they are not leading change they are not leaders but position holders. So if you really want to know a true leader, search them and identify a track record of positive changes they made before at whatever field of work they found themselves. If they have never made any significant change, even at a small scale (at school, church, community, work place) , they are likely not to. But if they did, it is likely embedded in them to make positive changes and they are likely going to do it.

A leader uses their consummate personality to build leaders in ordinary people. Therefore a leader doesn’t lead followers he leads leaders; let’s call them “fellows”. Because himself and everyone else are one team leading change. Check whether the leader’s fellows’ lives were/are advancing as their own. Check whether the fellows were/are able to take the same responsibility as their leader to make changes at any scale. Check their personality (their mindset and behaviour). A leader must be able to transform those around them to be like them. A leader doesn’t enrich themselves.

Don’t be fooled that a political party they represent will have much bearing on what they will do. When you vote, you’re really not voting for a political party representative into power but a character. That’s why under the same political party, some leaders made so much development while others didn’t. Character can simply be defined as consistency of integrity. And integrity is congruence of words and action; being able to do what you say in adherence to societal morals amd rightness. If they are full of compromise they are definitely not a good choice. So don’t choose a leader because they have charisma neither choose them because they are calm and collected. Most politicians make promises they don’t keep, there are just but a few who really accomplish what they promise. Knowing their character may help you determine whether or not they’ll keep their promises.

A vision whether at a national or community level must comprise of action steps to be taken to achieve progress in different areas of the nation/community. The responsibility of the aspiring leader is to present that vision to the people, outline how the people fit into that vision and how it will be accomplished. Your responsibility as voter is to critically analyze that vision, see how feasible it is and how you fit yourself in that vision. If a vision is not broad enough to accommodate people to take up initiatives to accomplish it. It’s not good enough a vision for the targeted people. A vision must stir up people to do something. Having seen the aspirant leader’s vision how are you personally stired to be involved in making a positive change?

Life is spiritual. Whether you agree with that or not but it’s true. Any leader who has no regard for spiritual matters and abuse them, can not be trusted to “lead” a nation or a community. Political leaders are capable of developing policies that can “limit” progression of FAITH. Keep such leaders in check. As long as that particular practice of FAITH does not do any harm to humanity they shouldn’t abstract it from operation. This world is only being preserved by a few people who recognize the presence of God. It’s disastrous for any nation or community to destroy that.

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