A 20-year-old man in Chikwawa has been sentenced to six years in prison for allegedly torching down his girlfriend’s house over marriage issues.

The Makande Magistrate Court heard that the incideint happened on 26 October this year at Chikaphonya Village in the area of Senior Chief Ngabu in the district.

The suspect, Nasho Zwangeti, was angry after his girlfriend, Ruth Gopani, 29, turned down 7 pieces of zitenje (wrappers) for luphato (proposal for marriage under Sena culture).

The court, through Sub Inspector Thulu, learnt that Zwangeti got employed by Ruth’s father as a herdboy in 2017.

“As time went by, the herdboy fell in love with his master’s daughter and their love had reportedly blossomed ever since.

“Zwangeti decided to seek her hand in marriage but he was rejected outright, a thing which greatly displeased him,” narrated Thulu in court.

Zwangeti went on demanding back all the gifts that he had lavished on her.

“Distraught, the forsaken lover, at around 1 o’clock a.m., torched his girlfriend’s house, razing down household items valued at K200,000 in the process.”

He was immediately seen by the victim herself after she had rushed out.

Zwangeti was arrested at Nkumaniza Market where he was seeking refuge, and was charged with arson.

He denied the charge, forcing the state to parade a four-member witness.

Prosecutor Thulu asked the court to mete out a harsh sentence, arguing Zwangeti had acted evilly and had intended to kill besides impoverishing the victim who had lost everything to the fire.

In his ruling, Second Grade Magistrate Chiyembekezo Phiri concurred with the state and ordered Zwangeti to spend the next six years in jail to deter others with similar evil intentions.

He comes from Chokha Village in the area of Senior Chief Ngabu in Chikwawa District.

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