A South African artist has been arrested over a sex art work which he showed Afrikaner businessman Marius Jooste receiving oral sex from a black woman.

the artist

Ayanda Mabulu was arrested outside the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) for showing a sexual painting of the disgraced Afrikaner businessman.

A painting portraying a naked Eugene Terreblanche, an Afrikaner supremacist who was murdered in 2010, superimposed on Nazi swastikas.

He hung the painting outside the JSE, with heads of pigs placed at the bottom with money stuffed in the pigs’ mouth and the money scattered on the floor.

On a red, white and black background covered in Nazi symbolism, two figures from South Africa’s colonial past feature. One is forcing a black slave to give him oral sex, whereas the other appears to be defecating. A young black child hangs from his feet, and the phrase “blame it on the boers” is emblazoned at the bottom.

Jacob Zuma is one of the artist’s more favoured targets. In October 2017, he painted another unflinching sex scene involving Zuma’s wife, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

Meanwhile, according to reports, the artist will be charged with public indecency.



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