Bayete Natural Herbal Nutri-Therapy to improve Health facilities next year

By orchestra Kamanga

The producer and Distributor of Natural herbal like Tchaka, Zwide, Mfumukazi has promised to its customers in the country to improve health facilities in 2019.

The company’s Founder and Managing Director Elder Babangoni Chisale said with the overwhelming response from customers they will have best facilities to meet clients demand.

“So far we have received overwhelming and positive response from our clients especially from Blantyre so we thought it wise to have good facilities to save them much better than other years,” he said.

Bayete Natural Herbal is located opposite MTL shop near Queens Elizabeth Central Hospital and is encompasses in Red Cross premises in Malawi’s commercial city Blantyre.

It has clinic called Centre for Natural Remedies and Palliative Care and it offers services like Interpretation of Brain Diagnosis Display and Counselling.

It also offers Treatment of cough, Flue, Asthma, Ulcers, Hypertes just to mention but a few. The company has branches across the country like in Limbe, Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Nchalo.


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