Over the weekend, Abida conducted a number of political meetings in Chikwawa Nkombedzi Constituency. On Saturday, she met chiefs’ spouses at Nsenjere Community Day secondary school to brief them about my plans for the constituency.

On Sunday morning, she honored two church invitations meant to help in raising funds for their respective church construction projects to which a pledge to donate building materials was made.

Later in the afternoon, she graced a bonanza football match between Magalasi FC and Shamboko FC at Mchenga. Magalasi FC, as the winner, got one hundred thousand kwacha whereas the runners-up Shamboko FC got seventy thousand kwacha.

In all these places, she took the opportunity to unveil the Ambulance she promised to donate to the constituency.

From day one, I told the people that I will, among other things, going to promote issues of safe motherhood and an ambulance is, in my view, integral to achieve this goal.

In addition, she also unveiled a small vehicle for driving school purposes. I want our young people to learn how to drive and I will help them obtain a driving license. The aim is to empower them so they can be self-reliant. She will also train young people to acquire basic skills in hospitality and catering, tailoring, wielding, carpentry and joinery and wielding.

Source : Malwi News Alert


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