By Orchestra Kamanga

Aspirant Parliamentarian for Blantyre City South Licy Mkosi Kamwendo said once voted into power in this year’s tripartite elections she will empower women and youth n her constituency.

Speaking in an interview she said she has decided to contest on May 21 elections in order to ring a change in the constituency as women parliamentarian leader.

“Most of all the year’s people have voted for men only and there is no tangible development to show to people who voted for them but with my coming things will change automatically.

Licy Mkosi Kamwendo also said that she will bring a lot of development projects in the community like construction of concrete bridges, constructions of good road network infrastructure, bring portable water, build health center at Manase Township and dispensary at Mtonda area because people are walking long distance to Zingwangwa health Centre saying these are the main challenge the area is facing at the moment.

Currently she is assisting the youth in vocational colleges to have skills in carpentry and joinery, bricklaying, tailoring, mechanics through her own initiative and when voted into power she will continue with these developments to empower the youth in the country.

“I will contest in this year’s elections to build Malawi through various developments besides empowering the women on gender issues and youth empowerment in different programmes,” she said.

She therefore urged the voters to vote for her if they needs development continuity.

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