A 26-year old man of Chisamba has been arrested for raping his 82-year old grandmother.

Provincial Police Commissioner Chola Katanga has confirmed the incident identifying the suspect as Supren Musekiwa, who is currently in police custody.

Katanga said the mother to the victim reported the matter to the police after the victim narrated to her what happened.

The matter was reported to the police by daughter to the victim Lillian Mungo.

The police commissioner said the officers mobilised and arrested the suspect who had attempted to escape.

Katanga explained that the victim was also forced to drink some unknown substance by the grandson after the rape.

Meanwhile, Katanga has disclosed that Police in Mkushi have launched a manhunt for a man of unknown age for allegedly defiling an 11 year old girl who was left under his care.

He said the suspect who has been identified as Peter Daka of Mkushi repeatedly defiled the 11 year old girl.

Katanga stated that the victim’s parents had travelled to Lusaka for a visit but had to cut short their trip after they were alerted of the defilement case.

Source : Zambia Report

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