Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya has asked Inspector General of Police Rodney Jose to arrest suspected Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) youth cadets who are attacking supporters of opposition political parties or resigns honorably.

Msowoya said this on Monday during a news conference on violence against women during the campaign period organised by the Parliamentary Women Caucus.

“We demand that arrests be made forthwith and ensure that the cases are concluded. We want to see the perpetrators behind bars upon satisfying all legal channels and proceedings.

“We demand protection of all citizens of Malawi. We note that the violence is not only happening to women but even men too,” said Msowoya.

He added: “If you cannot protect us as citizens then please resign and let others who can exercise the mandate of the Malawi Police Service to serve the interests of all Malawians [take up the position].”

On her part Jessie Kabwila, Chairperson of Parliamentary Women Caucus said the grouping will go on with the planned demonstrations after noting that the police are arresting wrong people in the case where a female UTM member was undressed by DPP cadets.

Meanwhile DPP spokesperson Nicholas Dausi distanced the party from the violent attacks.

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