United Transformation Movement (UTM) President Dr. Saulos Chilima has accused the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of planning to rig the forthcoming May 21 tripartite election through violence and intimidation.

Chilima made the remarks during a media briefing held at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in the capital Lilongwe on Wednesday.

“You must understand that violence and intimidation is a form of vote rigging. Violence and intimidation is used by unpopular politicians to stop others from effectively campaigning and canvassing for votes, thereby denying voters the choice they desperately need. Violence and intimidation is used by undemocratic and unprogressive tribal parties to create a climate of fear for everyone because they know they cannot fairly compete and win (the DPP is no exception). Violence and intimidation is being used to stop people from organizing rallies or attending rallies. The idea is to depress the opposition vote. But they shall fail miserably. They shall fail miserably because good overcomes evil. They shall fail miserably because Malawians are made of sterner stuff!

“It is also very reckless and myopic for the DPP to use terror and intimidation to try to rig this election. The continent of Africa is replete with sad examples of how corrupt and inept leaders tried to use violence and intimidation to remain perpetually in power only to set their countries alight with uncontrollable violence and civil war. We must never ever play with fire. We must never take this peace we enjoy in this country for granted. It is simply silly and irresponsible. Mr. President, stop this violence perpetrated by your surrogates. You swore to defend the Constitution and protect Malawians. You must rise to your constitutional duties,” said Chilima.

Chilima also warned perpetrators of the said violence, saying their days are numbered.

“To all the perpetrators of violence, let me warn you, May is not too far. Your godfathers will soon be out of power. They will be either on the streets with you or in jail. There will be no one, absolutely no one, to protect you. And we shall come on you hard. In fact, if we were to let our followers retaliate, of which they have been asking me to, you would be completely and thoroughly outnumbered.

“We know you and we can come after you. We can defend ourselves. But we are a peaceful party and a peaceful people and that is why we leave it to the law enforcement agencies to properly investigate these cases and prosecute the offenders,” added Chilima.

Meanwhile Chilima has said he is confident that he will win the forthcoming May 21 tripartite election.

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