Africa’s first hybrid electric vehicle was driven through Uganda’s business district, showcasing this advance in automation and the promising future of locally made energy-effective vehicles on local roads.

Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC) is “an automotive manufacturing company incorporated by the government of Uganda and Makerere University to champion value addition in the domestic automotive industry for job creation and diversification of the economy”, according to the company’s website. KMC aims to provide sustainable green mobility solutions for the future, while its three strategic pillars are value for the customer, opportunity for the community and profit for the shareholders.

The company has three concept vehicles: the Kiira EV POC – Africa’s first electric vehicle; the Kiira EV Smack – Africa’s first hybrid electric vehicle; and Kayoola Solar Bus – Africa’s first solar-powered electric bus. KMC is also the proud recipient of the 2016 Frost and Sullivan Visionary Innovation Leadership award in Sustainable Mobility.

Last week their Kiira EV Smack was taken on a test drive through Kampala’s business district by veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda and singer Bebe Cool. The website says the Smack is “the first electric hybrid designed and built in Africa”.

The five-seater front-wheel-drive sedan has “a traction motor powered by a rechargeable battery bank and an internal combustion engine-based generator… This configuration of two power sources ensures an unlimited range and increases the efficiency of the power train, hence enhancing fuel economy.”

Source : ThisIsAfrica


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