By Orchestra Kamanga

One of the leading Colleges in the country Accountancy Tuition College (ATC) Management has impressed with the 2018 results as all students passed the examination for the first year.

Happy Chirwa the College Director sad he is very happy and elicited with the superb performance by the first year students and has encouraged them to work extra harder so that they should pass with credits and distinction in their final examinations Bachelor’s Degrees in Science next year.

“The College is much happier and excited with our student’s results because all of them have passed the exams. This happened because of vast experience our lectures have and are well qualified,” he said.

The Director also said the Management is happy and excited by Malawians that has been given an opportunity to study for the international Bachelors of Science degrees at Accountancy Tuition College.

“At Accountancy Tuition College we are very excited that Malawians have been given an opportunity to study for the International Degrees at our College at the same time the response from Parents, School leavers and those with Good MSCE are encouraging.

The College which is a business training institution in partnership with Cyprus Institute of Marketing, the Global Business University has 9 new Bachelor Degrees of Science programees which are BSC in Finance, BSC in Business Administration, BSC in Financial and Computer Management, BSC in Human Resource Management, BSC in Marketing Science, BSC in Insurance Management, BSC in Business law, BSC baking management, BSC in Accountancy and Finance.

The College is Located opposite Njamba Secondary School along Kenyatta Drive in Chitawira, Maselema.

“One of our distinguish feature of our degrees is that at the end of or three years Bachelors programmes is that we award separate certificates to ensure that even if you start a degree and opt out a year in, you will still have a left with a certificate in you’re your hand,” he said.

He said once successful completion of one year the students is a warded a Diploma and a successful completion of a year 2 students is a warded Advanced Diploma and upon successful completion of a year3 a students is awarded a bachelor’s degree.

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