A group of Civil Society organisations-CSOs called Human Rights Defenders say it is surprised and dismayed by President Peter Mutharika’s government lack of response to September 2018 citizen’s petition.

The letter explains that the CSOs wonder why it has taken almost three months-and still counting for the office president and cabinet to respond and address issues contained in the citizens’ petitions.

“We reiterate that the demands as contained in the citizens’ petitions remain as pertinent and, therefore, demand your immediate intervention and leadership.

Actually most of the concerns and issues raised in the petitions have since deteriorated into full blown-out crisis such as organized corruption, fraud and theft and human rights abuses as demonstrated by the continued killing of people with albinism,” expresses concern Human Rights Defenders.

The letter summons, “Your Excellency Sir, we still demand tangible answers to the numerous issues that were raised in the citizens’ petitions.
1. Bringing to book all those involved in 4.2million litres theft of fuel at Escom and address the blackout challenges

2. Expedite the prosecution of suspects in the Police Ration Food Scam, bring to book Issa Njaunju and Robert Chasowa murderers,

3. End nepotism in government and all parastatal organizations,

4. Stop the abuse and biases at the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation and the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority especially now that we are heading towards the May 2019 tripartite elections.

5. We demand an end to political violence and hate speech.

6. Address health and education woes

7. Address the gender equality gaps at all levels including at cabinet.

8. We need the MK145 million that was deposited in the DPP bank account to which you are the sole signatory

9. Address the youth unemployment

10. We demand an end to impunity.”

On the other hand, the CSOs express amongst the concerns that they have been rising time without numbers of killings of people with albinism.

“It is disheartening to note that your government has miserably failed to safeguard their right to life.

While we acknowledge your government’s efforts in putting in place a national action plan and some committee that is supposed to champion rights of people with albinism, to our dismay, your government remains uncommitted to neither operationalize nor fund the National Action Plan on Persons with Albinism,” the letter explains.

CSOs have finally said it’s still grappling with numerous unresolved cases bordering on corruption, fraud, and theft of public funds, another audit report reveals that over MK50 billion of public funds has not been accounted for.

They have therefore given government 20 days to respond or organise national wide demonstrations in March 2019.

Source : Malawi News Hub

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