Gwamba, Martse Beef Each Other on Twitter


Forget about Third Eye and Gwamba’s twitter beef. There’s new beef trending between Martse and Gwamba who were once buddies during the times of Zimuvuta and other hits.

Earlier today, twitter was on fire as Gwamba took shots aiming at Martse – recalling how he funded Martse’s three videos and how Martse begged Gwamba a phone worth K80,000.

“Boy, I have sponsored 3 of your music videos, never told anyone, cuz I was doing that as a friend. You ask me to buy you a phone and I don’t and you decide to start insulting me on twitter. You should have asked your father for the phone.”

Below is Gwamba’s tweet which was posted together with whatsapp screenshots when Martse asked him for the favour. And of course Gwamba has since deleted it on twitter.

However, Martse did not back down but he also went ahead to throw a shot at Gwamba saying “He sponsored Gwamba “Two Pregnancies”.

Apparently, it seems after Gwamba had turned down Martse’s plea to buy him a phone, the Dosage star felt rejected hence he resorted to throwing jabs at Gwamba on twitter which at the end did not go well with Gwamba himself.

As of right now, the screenshots are making rounds on facebook and in whatsapp groups.

NOTE: The article is meant for entertainment purpose only and not to escalate beef between the two

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