Minister of Homeland Security Nicholas Dausi has apologized over remarks he recently made in relation to planned vigils against the killing of people with albinism.

Dausi is on record to have to the press that that there was no need for APAM to stage a vigil on March 3, as planned, because attacks on persons with albinism have not reached crisis levels.

The remarks attracted strong condemnation from all corners with many calling for Dausi’s apology.

Others went further by calling on President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika to fire Dausi over his careless remarks.

Due to pressure Dausi has apologized on the matter.

Addressing the media at his office on Monday, Dausi said he truly regrets that the true meaning of he had intended at that briefing did not come out as it was.

He said he is personally concerned.

The Minister further said he fully appreciates the pain, anguish and fear the abductions and killings of people with albinism have caused on Malawians.

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