As the country awaits the launch of the official campaign next month, UTM party has urged the youth in the country to refrain from political violence.

UTM’s director of youth, Bon Kalindo made the call during the interview with local media.

Kalindo asked UTM followers to stick to issue based campaign and not politics of castigation.

“They should be civilized enough because these are the leaders of not tomorrow but today.

“They should see what the leaders are doing and they should take over now because this is our time, we want leadership that is developmental, leadership that we will see progress for a long time.

“We in the UTM we want to have a different crop all together and have youth that are capable of developing this country,” said Kalindo who is also Mulanje South parliamentarian.

Malawi Electoral Commission-MEC will launch this year’s campaign on 19 March ahead of May 21 tripartite elections.

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