Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Mangochi District Executive Committee has resigned from their positions citing failure by the party to recognise them.

Speaking to journalists on Monday during a press conference district governor, Juma Mlauzi blamed eastern region committee for using and supporting parallel structures from the district which was dissolved by the party long time ago.

He explained: “To be honesty we have been neglected for quite a long. At first we thought this behaviour will one day end but to no avail.”

“But what has throbbed us most is the conduct shown by our top officials during primary elections. Instead of involving us they abandoned us, hence, this idea of putting down the tools,” added Mlauzi.

He said the idea of resigning has come in order to distance themselves away from the mistakes committed by the people who were entrusted to conduct the primaries. Saying, “they don’t want to be blamed by the party gurus.”

“The primary elections held in the district were not free, fair and credible. The people mandated to conduct the primaries had their own candidates.

Therefore, as one way of detaching with the losing candidates, we have decided to resign at least to save our reputations,” added Mlauzi.

Adding similar sentiments, constituency governor for Mangochi central constituency Elius Tebula pointed figures on the eastern region committee for failure to use party procedures. “You may wish to know these people fell short of honesty. Instead of using legitimate electoral colleges they allowed the shadow candidates to use dubious electoral colleges which do not exist in our areas,” he said In his reaction when spoke to DPP spokesperson Nicholas Dausi who denied to comment on the matter.

Dausi said he is not aware about the resignation of some members in the district.

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