A South African pastor, Pastor Uriah Maseko, of the Church On The Hill Ministries in Katlehong, Ekurhuleini has been caught giving his congregants Russian Bear Vodka to cure all illness.

It was gathered that he invited people with HIV to drink the vodka and be healed from the disease.

“God uses different methods to perform miracles. Nothing, including healing, is impossible for God. I’m not the one who heals,” he said.

Pastor Maseko added that he was led by the spirit to use alcohol for his church members.

Judgement in a bottle. on the 03 February 2019 the man of God Apostle Uriah being led by the Spirit, declared that sickness, poverty and all evil activities are judged.

The man of God Apostle Uriah used Russian bear vodka to minister healing and deliverance to the sick and those who needed deliverance.

The man of God invited those who are HIV positive to come and drink the vodka to receive their healing and some of the congregants rush to the front to receive ministering from the man of God.

The vodka became a medium from above as the man of God has declared.
To God be the glory!

Source : The Brown Onion