Two Zambian cousins have shocked their relatives and the community after coming into open that they have been in love for years now and that they plan to get married.

Benjamin Liseli (29) and  (24) say they are deeply in love and there is nothing anyone can do about it as they explain their relationship has reached reversible levels, such that no member of their family cannot stop, as they have been together for over four years now.

the couple

“We want the society to understand that nothing is new under the sun, it get back to fathers of old Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all married their cousins, worse for Adam he married his own flesh, So it’s best they just allow us to get married, as we are also expecting a baby, and this baby deserves a mother and a father and a place called home, ” ZambianObesrever quoted one them.

Benjamin and Angela are Lusaka youths staying in Kabulonga and PHI respectively.

Benjamin is the first born to Mr Micheal Liseli the brother to Lillian Liseli (Angela’s Mother) making the two youths pure cousins (blood family)

But calamity occurred in the family after they both revealed their secret to the family and the pregnancy.

Family members have failed to deal with this issue hence the couple has been taken for counseling.

However,  Angela’s family has decided to take his nephew to Court over the matter.

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